Friday, 9 November 2012

NRC's day 1

It was good to get all the pre race jitters out of the way. It was three to go through to quarter finals, and I came second. One race down and three to go.
The set up for the women's 1x is as follows:

Friday am: Heats- top three advance to quarter finals A-D, bottom three go to the repĂȘchage(reps)
Friday pm: Reps- top three from the reps go to quarter finals A-D, bottom three go to quarter finals E/F
Saturday am:Quarter finals- top three advance
Saturday pm:Semi finals- top three advance
Sunday: FINALS!!!

It is a little hard to lay out exactly how this works for those of you who are unfamiliar with the process (without writing an essay), as everyone actually ends up racing a final. I believe there are 7 finals (A-F) with A being ranked the top. If I wanted to make it to the A final, I would have to come top three in all my races.
For more information on results check out Regatta central. Next goal on the list to make it to the A/B semi.

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