Monday, 28 May 2012


It looks as though we will be doing a round (possibly the final round) of selection this coming Thursday. Seat racing consists of three 1500's....which means that one starboard and one port are being left out of the matrix. I am a little curious of who this may be, but am assuming this would be Christine and Susanne, as they have pretty much already secured their spots in the boat. Although, if my rib keeps acting up it may be me. I have to get the go ahead from physio tomorrow if I want to seat race on Thursday (just to play it on the safe side). Last week we were instructed to complete our workout in the biggest wind storm I have ever rowed in. It was great mental prep, but the 2.5km row back to the dock took us well over 20minutes and left me with a little residual tightness in my ribcage.  I can only say one thing..... never before have I done my physio exercises this religiously! Fingers crossed that everything is fine.

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